The Ugliness of Depression 

“Sometimes I just don’t like you”, he said, his words cutting me, words I never thought he’d ever say. “Sometimes I just don’t want to do this anymore. You are no longer the person you were, and I don’t know how to fix it anymore… I’m so tired.”  He sighed into his hands.   I… Read More »

Who Would Have Ever Thought Living With Courage, Would Also Mean Living With Fear?

  “Who would have ever thought living with courage, would also mean living with fear?” – Grant Dagg   It was Friday night; the house full of kids playing and shouting at their video games. Dinner was on the stove whispering to our growling stomachs. “I’m so hungry” my kids would shout every few minutes (like they… Read More »

So You’re Offended by Nicole Arbor…I’m Not, and I’m Fat

In the news and all over the interweb they are blasting a comedian Nicole Arbour for her fat shaming video… Stop Stop it right now. Is there anything that DOESN’T offend people anymore? Hello, I’m Sippy Cups and Booze…I’m a fatty, and I approve her message! There’s this invisible line now…this line is blasted in… Read More »