finn1 Our beautiful Zeus passed away recently. He was a 220lb lap dog, otherwise known as a bull mastiff. Man was he a magnificent boy. He was 9 when cancer took him. It literally broke me. Funny how animals will do that to you.

At first I swore I was done with owning dogs. Heck in two years we have lost two of our guys. Who wants to keep putting one’s self through that kind of torment? I kept thinking, “We still have one dog left, shes enough. Once she’s gone I will NEVER get another dog.”. (All lies)

Millie…Oh Millie… she is a smelly, blind, deaf, arthritic sixteen yr. old basset hound. When I say smelly… I mean gross… putrid smelly stink. There are not enough adjectives to describe her.  Give her a bath, and the next morning she smells like she ran spastically through a sewer, while rolling over a family of dead skunks in the August heat. It’s dreadful.


The not wanting another dog didn’t last long however. In fact within a couple of months I was already catching myself and the boys watching hours of dogs 101 and searching any newspaper I could find for dogs.  Sorry animal planet…but Dog 101 is addictive yet not very entertaining.

The problem with wanting another dog is trying to figure out how I am going to do so. I worked for animal control in another life. I know how horrible the shelters are for dogs. I also know what it’s like to work with some of the rescues… Let’s just say some are hoarders hiding as a rescue, some are batshit crazy… and well, not many of the good ones want to adopt out to a family of 9. I have tried.  *I am not saying they are all like this. No need to send hate mail, I am only commenting on MY experiences*

When I finally decided what dog would be best for us it went a little something like this:


I want a dog that doesn’t shed. I have always had copious amounts of dog hair in my house and I am done with it.

I want a dog that likes kids.

I want a dog my kids won’t break. Sorry Chihuahua fans. My kids would break them. Also no yorkies. Hell, I would probably break a yorkie.

Again…No Shedding.

I want this dog to live forever.  (At least a little longer than a big dog)

I want a lap dog. This was huge for me because I have never liked little dogs, but I decided I wanted something to cuddle with since my boys never want to cuddle.

We settled with a shih tzu, and he’s perfect.  Finnegan is a little shit and I love him. At the moment he is only 2 lbs soaking wet.  He has cost more money in vet bills due to what one vet said was a reaction to his parvo shot but that’s okay. He was worth it.


But having a new puppy is hard! He tries to eat everything. Potty training we have our good days and our bad. He’s teething so, let’s just say my hands tend to be his favorite chew toy. It’s like having my very own new born piranha.

Someday he will be big enough that I won’t fear #8 crushing him.  

Someday I won’t have to worry he might pee on my carpet.

And someday, I might be able to talk the husband into another one. Until then, have a great weekend!



Been Slacking

busyMan have I been slacking lately. Seriously.

Aside from a book blog I write for sometimes, I have been absolutely doing nothing. Completely useless!

I started my “new year” off totally gung-ho about everything I thought I needed to do. I was dieting, exercising, and organizing everything. I quit smoking and even tackled my food pantry, which by the way…. *shudder* is an absolute nightmare again, but I won’t bore you with the gory details at the moment so don’t fret my dear friends.

Maybe I will just bring you up to speed with the clan here.

Kid one… the now 19 yr. old, moved to Minnesota right before Christmas. Minnesota is crazy far from Cali (and colder), which is probably why he moved there. I mean, he’s 19 and has way more brain cells left than his mother, and they’re younger less ancient brain cells, so they win all the “I know more than you” arguments hands down.

I put my big girl pants on, (shimmied, hopped into, laid down on the bed hoping to suck it all into the pants hoping I didn’t need a pair of pliers to zip them up thinking maybe I should put my yoga pants on for Pete’s sake.) and did pretty well with the whole bird flying the coup thing until of course the bus pulled away and the holidays actually started. Then I became a sniveling hot mess.

Nonetheless, It was a good move for him, and definitely a learning experience, like….-40 in Minnesota is wayyy colder than the 80 degrees we Cali folk had here in December. It’s also hard to get packages mailed and delivered in 8 feet of snow, of…and the poor guy has no good Mexican food for like 10 thousand miles.

Looking back on everything though….I became a total country album for a while! All I was missing were the royalties that normally come with an album.

Track 1: Boy moves across the country

2: My dog died

3: My gram died

4: I got fatter

5: quit smoking

6: Got a new puppy (who then got really sick)

7: tried to remember why I quit smoking

8: tried to remember why dieting was a good idea.

9: read 100 books

10. Remembered having a new puppy is like having a new born with sharp little razor teeth.


All seriousness aside, things are better. It just took a moment…and a lot of yoga…and wine. Wine was definitely a good factor. And it’s like fruit, or made with fruit, sometimes fruit and chocolate… so it’s good for you right?  Just thank the wine gods the hubby was pretty understanding.  I also forgot how much I missed you guys. It’s funny when life is going by super-fast you don’t see the scenery around you. Then you hit grid lock and you remember “Oh snap! There are other things besides that ugly bumper in front of me!”  Kind of a weird analogy but hey, I’m sure you get it.

Anyhoo, Lets buckle up and see what happens next. Maybe I’ll explain to you why just wearing yoga pants means you exercised.



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